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We’re on a mission to give one million students access to sacred knowledge. Help us spread light to the ends of the earth by becoming a monthly donor.

Fight Darkness With Light

Everywhere you look, we’ve got problems. Extremists are hijacking our faith while others have deemed religion irrelevant to their lives. Worse still, many Muslims are leaving Islam altogether.

Times are tough. But the concerned believer doesn’t sit around and watch the news unfold. They do their part to spread the light of prophetic guidance — whatever the circumstances.

“O Prophet, We have sent you as a witness, as a bringer of good news and warning, as one who calls people to God by His leave, as a shining light (al-siraj al-munir).” — Qur’an 33:45-46

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a shining light whose radiant example can extinguish all darkness. Our mission is to revive the ummah’s connection with the light of prophetic guidance by making reliable and authentic Islamic learning available to anyone, anywhere, at no cost.

Provide Universal Access to Knowledge

Every Muslim deserves the opportunity to study their religion. Since 2011, we’ve been breaking down the many barriers preventing Muslims from studying Islam including time, location, and money. To date, our programs have reached over 30,000 students in over 140 countries free of charge.

Train the Next Generation of Scholars

To serve the needs of Muslims now and into the future, we are developing a rigorous and classical Islamic studies curriculum — taught by the highest calibre of scholars — that will be accessible to any student who wishes to pursue the path of scholarship.

Build Communities of Learning & Service

The online and on-ground programs offered by SeekersHub empower individuals and groups all over the world to study Islam with reliable scholars and spread the light of prophetic guidance in their communities.

Lighting the Way for Seekers of Knowledge

Online Courses

Our academy has delivered 50+ courses to over 30,000 students. We plan on expanding our course offerings to include a comprehensive Islamic studies curriculum that can take students from essentials to mastery.

Digital Media

We’re building a massive digital media library to address the issues of interest and concern to Muslims worldwide. Our goal is to provide Muslims with reliable digital media that conveys authentic Islamic teachings from mainstream scholars.

Learning Centres

The traditional mode of teaching and learning is irreplaceable. Our experience running centres in Toronto and Sydney has validated the need for more centres of Islamic learning in major cities around the world.

Study Circles

Our global network of study circles enables local communities to organize learning programs without having to find a scholar on their own. Currently, we operate in 50+ cities around the world with plans to expand to over 200 cities.


Traveling for periods of intense study is from the sunnah and the established practice of generations of Islamic scholars. We offer a number of annual retreats that provide students with an immersive and transformative learning experience.


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What People Are Saying

How many students can you help?

We need your support to help us bring sacred knowledge to 1 million people. This is a tremendous sadaqa jariya (ongoing charity) opportunity because spreading the light of prophetic teachings is the best of charity.

Your monthly contribution will enable us to provide more students with free access to sacred knowledge. Donations are zakat eligible.

“Allah says, ‘Spend, O son of Adam, you will also be spent on.’” — Bukhari and Muslim

Join the #SpreadLight Campaign

We’re looking for dedicated Seekers to help with the #SpreadLight campaign. Here’s how you can get involved:

Become a Lantern
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Host an Iftar
Can you host an iftar to support the campaign? All you need to do is gather friends and family at your venue of choice and we’ll provide all the materials you need to deliver the message. Email us at to learn more.

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