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Knowledge Without Barriers

Support us in spreading reliable Islamic knowledge to our homes and communities, completely free, in light of the mercy, beauty, and balance of the Prophetic way.

Why Support Seekers?

Reliable & Free Online Learning

  • Online Courses in a wide range of subjects, and a structured Steps curriculum.
  • Answers Service with over 10,000 published answers.
  • SeekersMedia audio and video lessons and lesson-sets.

On-Ground Learning Communities

Offering learning with qualified, engaging scholars as well as a community of seekers:

  • SeekersHubs in Toronto & Sydney, with resident scholars — with other Hubs opening soon in key communities around the world.
  • SeekersPoints, active communities of learning and service — in Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, and even New Zealand.
  • SeekersCircles gathering weekly in over 60 cities around the world.
  • SeekersRetreats: connecting teachers and students in-person through intensive learning. We have held recent retreats in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Argentina, Malaysia, and South Africa.

Qualified & Engaging Scholars

Our teachers are classically-trained, with authorization (ijaza) from recognized scholars with chains of transmission returning back to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Our teachers include scholars recognized among the world’s most influential Muslims. We’re also supporting both present and upcoming male and female scholars — ensuring that the tradition continues, for you and your children.

25,000 Students in 130+ Countries

Knowledge Without Barriers opens access to reliable Islamic knowledge and guidance for tens of thousands--whether in Norway or Botswana, Guatemala or Fiji. SeekersHub Global aims to reach hundreds of thousands of students, and to nurture communities of learning and service around the world.

  • Watch Imam Afroz Ali and Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

    Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Imam Afroz Ali explain the importance of facilitating Sacred Knowledge globally and building learning communities locally, and why we all need to work and invest together to facilitate access to Knowledge Without Barriers.

  • Watch Sister Rizwana's SeekersStory and see how Knowledge without Barriers has helped her.

  • Watch Brother Suhayb explain how SeekersHub Global helped set him on a path to becoming a better husband, father, son, and friend.