Advice: The Light of Guidance – Habib Umar


The following was made available by Ustadh Amin Buxton (Allah preserve and increase him and his teachers):

What follows are some extracts from a talk by Sayyidi al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah preserve him) on the recent visit to the Prophet Hud (peace be upon him):[1]

“One thousand four hundred and thirty three years have passed since the Hijrah and one thousand four hundred and twenty three years since his death and the effects of renewal[2] are such that it is as if Muhammad is amongst us. The only ones who cannot see this who are those who are deluded or those who witness the effects without the Cause, those that witness the creation and not the Creator. The one who is connected to the Living, the Eternal witnesses that the light of the Prophet is in every atom of creation. After hundreds of years we now see his light spreading in the East and the West.

May Allah make your hearts and feet firm on the Straight Path, so you can be the best ambassadors who spread good tidings and warn people, who are the means of purification. By you may Allah purify people from the darkness of disbelief, the darkness of disobedience, the darkness of heedlessness.

I always repeat that gatherings such as this cause people that have not yet believed to believe.[3] Some have already come and more will come in the future. This is because the da`wah of Muhammad is awesome, firm, noble – all falsehood and oppression will turn into nothing.

He said (peace and blessings upon him): “I am the Messenger of Allah and I will not disobey Him, since He is my supporter.” You told the truth, my beloved, my healer. He is the one who healed the companions, and raised them. He is the healer of everyone that wishes to be healed in our time. He is the only that purifies others, as Allah said in His Book. Those that were purified only attained purification through him. He is the true purifier – his household, his companions and his inheritors are but his tools.

You are members of the Ummah of the Seal of the Messengers. You represent those who are absent from the people of la ilaha ill’Allah and you are responsible for calling those who have not yet believed in la ilaha ill’Allah to believe in it.

Show us the fulfilment of Your promise to him that there will not remain a house of mud, hair, stone or wood except that his religion will enter it. Make us means of the spread of this amazing goodness.”

[1] 4th Muharram 1433/ 29th November 2011

[2] This is the tajdid which Prophet promised would occur in each generation

[3] Habib Ahmad bin Hasan al-`Attas said that the gatherings of the pious cause clouds to gather which then send forth rain upon the hearts of people in distant places causing them to be guided.

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