Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Dr. Ingrid Mattson Scholar and Community Leader

"We desperately need the mercy of Allah on our communities and by supporting institutions such as SeekersGuidance , we will inshallah feel the mercy of Allah descend upon us as a community as a collectivity in greater and greater ways we ask Allah to make that true "

Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Imam Siraj Wahhaj ,Scholar and Community Leader

"When you don’t see the vision, trust the visionary. The insight and wisdom being spread here at SeekersGuidance is astounding. I am embarrassed that more people do not know about and support SeekersGuidance ."

Shaykha Zaynab Ansari

Zaynab Ansari, Scholar and Community Leader

"I really commend the amazing SeekersGuidance team for undertaking the reviving of the female Islamic scholarship. It is so important for this to be supported"

frequently asked questions

SeekersGuidance Canada is the only organization affiliated with seekersguidance.org which offers free online courses and resources about Islam across the globe. The teachers and administrators who began SeekersHub Toronto have resigned from that corporation, and have now started this new organization called SeekersGuidance Canada.

We are currently finalizing the contract with a central location in Mississauga. Details will be forthcoming insha Allah.