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Guest Hina Khan-MBannerukhtar with hosts Munira and Noha at One Legacy Radio discuss the article, “Raising Children with Deen & Dunya” and the lessons she learned from parents who raised their children with strong Islamic identities.

Raising your Children with Deen & Dunya (Part I) (audio)

Raising your Children with Deen & Dunya (Part II) (audio)

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  1. Shabana Khan
    Shabana Khan says:

    Masha’Allah! It was great listening to this interview after reading the article. Having the opportunity to actually hear Sister Hina, and get a deeper insight into the issues she highlighted in her article, it was truly inspirational and thought provoking. I’m not married, but I’m always intrigued about learning this topic of raising righteous children, as I hope to practice that advice with myself before I have children of my own. Thank you seekers guidance for sharing this with the online community, and a special thank you to sister Hina.

  2. jawad saeed
    jawad saeed says:

    As Salamu Alaykum Ustadh Faraz,

    Jazak Allah for sharing this audio clip. Masha Allah alot of Hikmah.

    One thing since very recently that I have noticed that the increasing dependency that the Muslims Ummah is having on the West. I am not in anyway against the West considering that i am currently residing in the uk myself. However, I feel our daily discourse as Muslims are beginning to include our challenge and struggles with secularism and christian ideas? It would seem that our current political climate is in turn influencing our perception of things and of reality. My concern is why as an Ummah are we so dependent on the West as a platform to express and share our ideas. Why is that we dont find just great muslim sisters like Sister Hina in plentifold in Muslim lands? Its great that the West has enabled us to freely expresss ourselves that but sadly we loose our ability as an Ummah to become self reliant when we lack equal representation in Western lands. Is it wise for muslims to choose to settle in Muslims lands permantly? Sorry if this seems a bit off topic but in a way it does relate to the topic. Since, any parent would want to look for the best environment for their child. So my question is whether the West is the right place for the upbringing of muslim families. Yet on the other hand things are not as good in our acestorly muslim lands either. Complicated dillema Any feedback would be much appreciated. Jazak Allah.

    Walaykum As Salam,


  3. umm muhammad
    umm muhammad says:

    Assalaam alaikum Mr Jawad; I think east or west, Muslim or non-Muslim lands presents their own problems and benefits for bringing up kids. If you bring your kids up here where we are in the Middle East then there is a naturalness about being a Muslim family and tarbiya is easier, although there might not be the intellectual rigour. On the plus side definitely the roles of what is a father, a mother and the kids is more defined and certainly stronger. I see on the west side you have all the intellectual rigour and the theories, but on the downside it seems to be such a fight just to keep a family intact and Islam a real living thing with the kids. We all make our choices, so I don’t think there is a right place or a wrong place, but I know having been in the Middle East for ten years I would hate to return to what looks like a fight to survive and where implicating Islam into the family fold seems to have some plastic coating to it, a kind of lack of naturalness, which is understandable given the anti-Islamic atmosphere. I would think it is best to take the best from both worlds, so yes take the theories but also take what is good from Muslim lands, and even though the ilm might be weak amongst many, most mothers know what to do without having to resort to theories, because they rely on their natural intuition and their rahmah and their heritage. Take the intellectual rigour plus the natural intuition and I suppose it wouldn’t matter where you lived, east or west.
    salams, umm muhammad

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