SeekersGuidance Global Is Hiring a Technology Manager

SeekersHub Global Islamic Seminary is hiring a qualified Technology Manager with strong project management, diverse IT, and solid people-management skills.

Join the SeekersGuidance Helpers Program – an Outreach and Editorial Internship

The SeekersGuidance Helpers program is a six-month internship in key areas of SeekersGuidance’s work as an online seminary and educational portal. Benefits – The SeekersGuidance Helpers program provides: an excellent opportunity to assist in spreading beneficial knowledge and guidance through working in a professional environment that is spiritually invigorating; gain invaluable professional training and acquire […]

WANTED: Arabic Translators for Translation of Answers from Senior Scholars

SeekersGuidance/SeekersGuidance Global is seeking volunteers with an excellent working knowledge of Arabic to translate answers by renowned scholars from Arabic into English. For more information, please contact Umair Abdul Qadeer at [email protected]